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Face-Painting - Balloon Animals - Magic


Watertown / Ft. Drum / Northern NY


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Sarah (Fifi) loves to make kids laugh and makes sure that there is fun for everyone.  She is an experienced entertainer at:

*        Birthday Parties

*        Festivals

*        Restaurants

*        Holiday Parties

*           Balloons

*           Magic Show

*           Face Painting

*           Parades

*         Craft Fairs

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Besides birthday parties and company picnics, here are some public events where Sarah or Fifi will be entertaining with face-painting and/or balloon animals in the near future:


2019 Events Coming Soon!




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Birthday Parties

Here is how Sarah/Fifi’s average party goes.  She can also include some fun and lively games for longer parties.


·            I start the party with some awesome face-painting.  For smaller parties we can do full faces, for larger groups I can do cheek or arm art.

·            Then there is a  fun comedy magic show which lasts 10-15 minutes, with lots of audience participation and volunteers.   The birthday child gets extra attention and some special give-aways.

·            after the magic show I make balloon animals for everyone - each child gets one balloon animal, but the birthday child gets extra special creations

·            of course, all this is done with funny jokes, gags, and general goofing off with the kids


What does Fifi need?

Sarah/Fifi brings everything she needs. 

·       For face-painting she has her own table and face painting chair, but if you can provide a small table space, that means less stuff she has to carry in.

·       For the magic show she needs an area where there is no one behind her or on the sides of the performing area.  Everyone must be in front to get a good view of the show.  

·       Balloon animals – she’s got everything she needs and is very flexible.

If you have ANY questions about planning for the party, please call 315-771-5550 and ask for Fifi!


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Birthday Tips


·       Feed the guests early in the party so they can enjoy themselves for the rest of the activities.

·       The ideal length for a children’s party is 2-3 hours.

·       Kids don’t need a whole lot of activities, but a few well-planned ones will make the party great!